We Love Bury St Edmunds!
St Edmunds Day 20th November 2017
Bury's Street Markets

Bury's Street Markets

The Bury Market is famous for its vibrancy, bantering stall holders and wide variety of produce. We take a closer look right here.

Want to Know About Us?

Want to Know About Us?

Come and join us for our 2nd anniversary party on 16th December 2017. We are going to have an amazing time, will you be there to experience the power of We Love Bury St Edmunds!?

The Nick Betson Collection

The Nick Betson Collection

Nick Betson is one of We Love Bury St Edmunds! favourite photographers.. here he is displaying his amazing talent

No one can deny what an amazing weekend we had in November 2017 to celebrate St Edmunds Day. I began planning it in November 2016, when i noticed how our town was not getting together to celebrate our namesake.

I stepped up the pace around June 2017, when I visited the Town Council along with Mark Cordell from Our Bury St Edmunds. We were looking for funding to match the value that “Our Bury St Edmunds” had offered. After a few meetings we managed to demonstrate that there was a big demand for recognition for our day, St Edmunds Day.

The press launch was held in August, 3 months before the event and this was attended by Terry Clements, Mayor Of St Edmundsbury, Jo Churchill, Member of Parliament for our area as well as Andrew Speed, chairman of the Town Council. A number of other Councillors also attended and we were also entertained by singers Sarah Probert and Anne-Marie David, making her first visit to the town.

Anne-Marie David was so inspired by the story of Edmund, she told me that she had been working with a film composer in France and that his style of musical composition would be perfect for our story.

Anne-Marie returned to Bury St Edmunds in November for our celebrations, but this time she brought Jean Musy.

We are looking forward to the forthcoming celebrations of 1000 years since the Abbey was built, and so are our musicians. “Edmund, Our Edmund” is now in the early stages of composition, and I can promise you, you are in for an amazing experience.

Who were the businesses?

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