We Love Bury St Edmunds!



The Badge. Our first, and probably the most useful badge you will ever own

The Badge Of Honour

(as described by Chris Shimwell in the East Anglian Daily Times)

By wearing the badge in public, you can claim discounts at 6 places around town. More to follow.

The Badge is designed by Krysten Newby and she has incorporated a well known symbol of the town with a love heart.

The Abbey Gate, and added love to the gate, by teaking this to be a heart. The font used is Saxon, to stay in keeping with our theme of tradition.

Its a great looking badge, and people often say they see other things within its design. Personally, I see an owl, a frog and pencils.

You will also notice a design flaw within the logo, the abbreviation for saint has a full stop after it. This is grammatically incorrect, as St. means street. We thought we would keep this in, as out own tongue in cheek humour, showing we can laugh at ourselves and with each other

10% Discount on food at The Fox Inn, Eastgate Street.

Various Discounts on work carried out at Halfords Autocare Centre, Eastgate Street

10% Discount on food, Monday to Thursday, for up to 4 people at Mings in Abbeygate Street

10% Discount on Instore photo printing, canvases and photo gifts at Jessops in the arc

15 Months membership for the price of 12 at the Abbeygate Cinema