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A Dedicated Full Page listing on welovebse.com

Company Biography** (300 – 800 words)

The biography should be like a story.

Tell us how ands why you began; what motivates you in your business; what problems you may have encountered;  what drives you forward; how you see your business developing in the future.

You may include up to 4 hi quality images in landscape format.

Include your Company graphic logo; links to your website; links to all of your social media pages; telephone numbers and email addresses.

This Dedicated Page would be shared into the Facebook Group, “We Love Bury St Edmunds! ”

Changes can be made throughout the year at no extra cost.

12 “News & Stories” articles** per year  on the website,

automatically shared on Twitter, Google +, the Facebook PAGE, and LinkedIN).

The articles would also be manually shared into the Facebook GROUP

Get your audience interested in what is currently happening what is coming and what they can expect.

Do you have a special deal or promotion on for that month?

Maybe you want to talk about some charity work which you are involved with? or perhaps talk about something totally off the wall.

Relate it somehow to Bury St Edmunds,after all, it IS “We Love Bury St Edmunds!”

3 Live videos per year

directly in the Facebook Group produced by welovebse.com


3 Recorded videos

to be placed on the youtube channel, which would also be shared on the website and the Facebook Group.

(LIVE streamed videos get more views that recorded video)

24 Events or LIKE Competitions

listed in the first year and shared into the Facebook Group

(more details of the LIKE competition below)

About The WLBSE Badge Scheme

If you choose to offer a discount to your customers who wear the “We Love Bury St Edmunds!” badge, then we can work together, to create a small advert on the front page of our website. The adverts are 310px wide by 86px high.

The adverts are randomised, so that they are always sharing that space with other advertisers, however, when your advert comes up and a customer clicks on it, that click will take them to a PDF file giving more detail about the discount you offer.

The discount is entirely up to you. It might be a percentage, it might be a value, it might only work on certain days, again, this is for you to decide.

You will also receive  an A5 window cling of the “We Love Bury St Edmunds!” logo, to alert your customers before they come in, that they are entitled to a discount, if they are wearing their badge.

LIKE Competition in the Facebook Group (maximum 12 per year)

Sometimes a business wants to advertise their latest promotion and we can organise this using the Facebook Group , “We Love Bury St Edmunds!”

LIKE Competitions usually take the form of a business describing their latest product.

The reader needing to “LIKE” the post in order for them to be in the random pot to win.

By running a competition like this, your product gets a lot of exposure, and each time someone “LIKES” the post, it raises it up the timeline and keeps it in the readers mind.

Events such as this, run for a maximum of 2 weeks and have been very successful in the past.

You will need to provide full details in the post to the group which includes the end date and also what the person will win. We will then independently choose a winner at random and contact you with their details.


When you have chosen which aspects of The Full Package you would like to use, we can plan the following year, dedicating specific days to implement your plan.

If you wish to chose The Full Package, the cost is based on 1p per number of members in the Facebook Group, “We Love Bury St Edmunds!”

If you wish to chose some, and not all of the options in The Full Package, select which you are interested in, and add up the parts per money and multiply by numbers of members in “We Love Bury St Edmunds!” to arrive at the price.

All articles will be proof read for spelling and grammar and tweaked to ensure it is “Search Engine Optimised” Before publication, this would be referred back for approval.

Renewal for a second year would be recalculated based on the number of members in the Facebook Group, with a 20% reduction if renewed before the end of the first year.

If these options interest you, please email me, at [email protected] and I can arrange a meeting to discuss your requirements

All conditions subject to change with a 3 month notice period

The Customer needs to supply**

Original articles for posting.

These must not have appeared on the internet before, to ensure Google Search engines locate the fresh content.

Original photographs which have not appeared elsewhere on the internet.


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