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My name is Carl Parnell – Nutrition Coach, and I am here to help you reach your goals and get healthier and happier.

I am a fully qualified Body Type Nutrition Coach, Train Fitness Instructor and Boxercise Instructor. And I am continually further educating myself on the latest knowledge in the industry.

A bit of background on myself. I was always a chubby child and yoyo dieted throughout my life time. Until 5 years ago my 4year old daughter said to me “daddy you look like you have been pumped up with a bicycle pump “and that was it I had to get healthier!

I have tried all the diets and regimes in the magazines and also looked for help but couldn’t find anyone so I have gone through the education route myself to help you.

I know how you feel as I have been there myself.

Since then I have pushed to see what my body can achieve and look like aesthetically. In 2010 I ran the London Marathon, Great North Run, participated in Charity events and been featured on the MuscleFood transformation page on their website.

I pride myself on being that approachable, confidential, understanding person I couldn’t find. Plus through this I am also supported by the brands MaxiNutrition, MaxiMuscle, FeelFreeNutrition & BodyPower UK.

I can help you with all types of nutrition goals generic or bespoke to you personally.

Weight Management


Specific Events Etc.

And also help you with mind-set and managing certain health issues.

I am also a qualified circuit and Boxercise instructor with which I can help you to getting fitter.

I run a Boxercise & Circuit class at the Westbury Community Centre every Monday 6-7pm & 7.15-8.15pm plus it’s not all for adults as I run a children’s class every Tuesday 4.45-5.30pm.

Private Sessions can also be booked.

If you are reading this thinking YES I need that extra help, motivation & knowledge. Or that you are too old, unfit and unhealthy to start. Please DO NOT.

I used to think like that but now realise that I was so wrong! It’s never too late! I just needed that education which I now have and can use for you.

Please do not hesitate to contact me and we can have a chat through how I can help.

It will be a pleasure to help you reach your goals and better them and give you the education along the way to keep it sustainable.


07905 976066

Instagram : carlparnell_nutritionfitness

Facebook : Carl Parnell Nutrition & Fitness

Twitter : CarlParnell-Fitness

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