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Hello my name is Kevan Collins, together with my son and business partner Robert, we own Punch Films UK Ltd.

My love affair with filming moving images began in 1987 when i purchased a JVC ( VHS compact) camera and separate recorder. Those things were so different to tech available today, even the simplest phones capture a better resolution image than i could get back then. The portability also being another issue with cables and leads all over the place. I took that JVC camera everywhere, from Springfield Avenue to sporting events to music shows, even took it shark fishing in Cornwall! They say ” never work with animals and children”. This particular day the fish refused to bite!

FS700 during timelapse

FS700 during timelapse

As my experience began to grow my film work was beginning to get noticed and i was receiving regular requests to film weddings, parties and other special occasions. This i did as I loved my hobby.

Philharmonia Orchestra playing this piece

Punch Films UK Ltd., was born when Robert and i were approached by a contact of Hollywood composer Wael Binali, who had composed an orchestral score for the Royal family of Qatar. Our requirement was to film the Philharmonia Orchestra playing this piece of music at the world famous air studios in London. Of course we declined, NOT! What a thrill and honour to be asked, a simply amazing experience. Some months later were we approached to film certain aspects of the Paralympics in London. This time we really did have to decline as we were unable to fit it into our schedule. However this did not affect our relationship with Wael who we remain in contact with. His music is simply stunning and you can view some of our collaborations on our website.

Sony FS700 conference 03

Sony FS700 conference

For Me Personally, i love the filming, but my biggest buzz comes from the people and places it takes me, from the Sony official launch of the latest Gran Tourismo Game at the Pepper Box Arena in London to the bride and groom on their wedding day! Just recently we filmed the live screens for the Sundown music festival in Norwich.

From Bury St Edmunds to Hollywood, i love the potential my camera gives me to experience so many different events in life!

New for 2017 weddings in 4K

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