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Macaruba Caricatures

Macaruba Caricatures is an independent company based in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk UK, who feature the artistic talents of caricaturist, Jason Smith.

macaruba - Ed Milliband

macaruba – Ed Milliband

Jason has been a life long artist winning accolades and awards since he was 5 years old. Along with his graphics qualifications, he has tirelessly studied what makes an excellent caricature (which is virtually a science), he has produced an enormous amount of work and so has perfected “The Art of Caricature”.


macaruba - Patrick Stewart

macaruba – Patrick Stewart


Macaruba Caricatures are available for bookings at events such as Weddings, Charity Balls,

Birthday Parties, Corporate Functions and Exhibitions. Jason is very versatile and will draw individuals, couples or groups depending on requests. He draws on the move so no seat will be required. He will simply mingle with the guests throughout the evening.

There are 2 options when booking, Jason is a master at traditional hand-draw caricatures and can offer your guests their caricature on paper straight from his clipboard to take home on the night.


Sean Connery

Sean Connery


Being a bit of a techiehead, alternatively he can create his masterpiece work of art on the iPad using the Procreate Drawing and painting App. He will then simply upload the final caricature directly to their email. If requested at extra cost, your guest’s caricature could be turned into an amazing full blown digital painting to be completed at a later date. A limited number of these commissions can be booked at each event and is on a first come first served basis.

fastest caricaturists in the business

Jason is one of the fastest caricaturists in the business, each one taking about 6-7 minutes to
complete an astounding black and white work of art. Even thought he works at incredible speed he does not compromise in the quality of the caricature, giving each and every person their unique stunningly accurate likeness. He never fails to raise a giggle or two and helps create a truly happy atmosphere though out your event.




Macaruba Caricatures are a great extra to give your event that little something special.
It creates a humorous talking point that really gets your guests to come together for a whole lot of laughter. Jason can travel to wherever your event is taking place and can be booked for the entire event of required.



Jason dresses in a smart and professional manor with the odd artistic flourish, He will bring all materials and equipment that he needs and will only ask that a small space be made available for a promotional pop-up banner and a place to leave business cards.





To find out a little more about Macaruba Caricatures please visit www.macaruba.com.

And feel free to get in touch with him via the email on the website contact page or by calling 07833765540.