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Happy Paw St Edmunds!

Hi I am Dani Kimber Founder and lead dog walker at Happy Paw St Edmunds, a dog care business based in Bury St Edmunds.

Founded in 2014 originally as Happy Paw Southampton, I then moved to the Bury St Edmunds area. I am a certified o.A.Dip (dog walking and home pet sitting professional also a qualified dog groomer). I have over 13 years experience of working with dogs.

care and happiness of your dog

At Happy Paw St Edmunds I offer services such as dog walking, dog sitting, puppy visits, dog training and dog check ups to suit your needs. As the leading dog walker I will always put the care and happiness of your dog(s) and delivering a first class personal service as the number one priority.





Normal prices are £10.00 for a 60 minute walk, £7.00 for a 30 minute walk and £5.00 for a 15 minute dog jog. Mobile dog sitting is £10.00 p/h or £20.00 per night.




New clients are entitled to a free 15 minute trial dog walkalthough this is optional. Opening hours are 8:00am to 22:00pm monday – sunday. So whether its dog sitting, a stroll through the woodlands or simply a walk up the park to enjoy the big spaces to run around in. Happy Paw St Edmunds is the dog service for you.


Contact telephone: 07432 312130

Facebook page: Happypawstedmunds

Email: happypawsouth@outlook.com

Website http://happypawstedmunds.wixsite.com/dogwalking