We Love Bury St Edmunds!
The Bury St Edmunds Market

The Bury St Edmund Market

Watching Lovejoy and just had a lovely shot of Bury Market. (Jo Goodenough)

I loved going to Bury market when I was younger. Went to 50p stall and got pens and sure colouring books. Also loved my jelly shoes and little jelly bag from stall. (Lucy Broomfield)

Hi all, love this group and love this place…  I have been away for a long time but am planning on moving back soon. Me and the Mrs are over next Friday, and I plan on taking some great pics of some great places. When I was a kid I worked on the market, and loved it. (Kevin Carpenter)

Does anyone remember the Banana King who only sold bananas on the market MANY years ago, BIG booming voice, and when he passed away it left a BIG hole in the real Market of BSE. (Anne Hosking)

If you don’t mind I would like to say something to all of you. Please wherever you go, take pictures, as you grow older you will want to see what it was like when you were young.

I was born in BSE at no 7 College St. In 1926 but today I would not recognize it, or a lot of Bury, things have changed dramatically, thankfully the Abbey Gardens are the same. A beautiful place to visit and enjoy.

I am enjoying the walk around town on market day, thanks to James Sheen, it brings back so many memories, but the streets have changed, the stores are different, there are places I have never heard of. I regret that I have no pictures of my B S E but I was young and had no clue as to how I would cherish them in later years.

Take great pride in your town. And TAKE PICTURES. (Doris Klene)

Who had part time jobs when we were in upper school? I did a morning paper round from Lake Avenue. Mercury free newspaper on a Thursday night & sold balloons on the market Saturdays (Neil Hunt)

Does anyone remember ‘Noels hotdogs and hamburgers’ caravan on market days. ? When I came back for a holiday in 1994 I loved them so much I bought a bag of 6 hamburgers and scoffed the lot.

I bought some again in 2012 when his son had the van but tasted to not be the same burger recipe. (Craig Jenkins)

Hi, everyone. My parents would like to know if anyone else remembers a guy who used to sell dinner services on the market in the 60s. He held them on his arm and apparently he used to toss the cups etc at unsuspecting people and would drop the whole tray if no-one bought the items! XD (Louisa Beattie)

Just had some more thoughts of market day, came to me whilst ironing. Whilst working at Boots from 1965 I remember the farmers coming in to the Farms and Gardens counter opposite the cosmetic counter where I worked.

My friend Linda worked on there, they sold some really strange things on that counter. We had many a giggle over apparatus for removing parts of animals anatomy etc. Some of the farmers left the aroma of the market behind, didn’t mind that. It was the woman from Flintons chip shop that were worse. (Carole Marlow)



The Christmas Market

I love the Christmas market on the Angel Hill. It’s great that they have spread it around the town, but they need to space it out a bit more as it’s a nightmare trying to see stalls and actually walk around.

It’s a great atmosphere and really puts you in the Christmas spirit. It needs more room even the stalls in the Abbey gardens are crammed together. Apart from that it’s great for Bury and brings in lots of people to our town. (Dot Horsman)