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Want to Know About Us?

Want to Know About Us?

As a group we have grown at an alarming rate, from the early days of late December 2015, with a meteoric rise in members within the first 30 days to where we are now. What do they say? Read all about it! :)

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The Nick Betson Collection

The Nick Betson Collection

Nick Betson is one of We Love Bury St Edmunds! favourite photographers.. here he is displaying his amazing talent

Historic Buildings – The Norman Tower

I can remember in 2009 taking my 2 girls to the Angel hill to see the queen when she came to give out maundy money. Think they were more interested in watching the guards on top of the Angel tower and Norman towers. (Sam Cornish)

Alphotobet Every ones in camera set, photographing the alphabet, Doesn’t matter where you go, it’s camera, phone or video, People looking in strange places, seeking out gargoyle stone faces, Doorways, daffs great big trees, skating when the Ark did freeze, The nutshell pub so small, the cathedral stately and so tall The Norman tower edifice, the Abby gate we mustn’t miss, So much more to go, and were only up to O, It’s keeping every one amused,when we get to Z what will we do James I’m sure will think of some scheme, because He’s very keen, So carry on keep on snapping, you won’t catch wlbse napping One thing I’m at a loss, when I look at the logo all I see is #asbestos. (Les Hopton)

So here’s my story: in the short time I’ve been in Bury St Edmunds I’ve joined the Multicultural Women’s Group, taking part in their Taste of Culture and One Billion Rising events which involved serving up some Jamaican food and Breaking chains on Angel Hill!

Had a bell ringing lesson in the Norman tower, went on a wolf hunt, a night time stroll around Bury in my pyjamas with a few hundred ladies and met the devil in the Nutshell.

I also joined the Bury Film Society and Bury Theatre Workshop: played a nasty General in a play Up the Pole performed in the Unitarian Meeting House (yes that’s a real gun).

But the best experience (and scary) was performing on stage at the Theatre Royal in the Duchess of Malfi! Enjoyed seeing the Miles Davis film, Protein Dance and the amazing Diary of a Hounslow Girl as part of the Bury Festival. Looking forward to the Whitsun Fayre. Alot goes on in this town init? ? (Nemonee Stone)

Historic Buildings – Oast House


Historic Buildings – The Old Bus Station and Bus Depot


Historic Buildings – The Old Police Station


The Quaker House


Historic Buildings – The Railway Station


Historic Buildings – The Unitarian House


Historic Buildings – Various Buildings