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Bury’s Street Market’s – Take Home Food’s Part 2
What's On At the Apex

What's On At the Apex

What's new and whats coming soon at Bury St Edmunds award winning venue, The Apex - An Award Winning Venue!

A Night 2 Remember 2

A Night 2 Remember 2

Come and join us for our 2nd anniversary party on 16th December 2017. We are going to have an amazing time, will you be there to experience the power of We Love Bury St Edmunds!? Click for a the Ticket Express!

What's On West Suffolk

What's On West Suffolk

Our partners at What's On West Suffolk now have a dedicated area here on We Love Bury St Edmunds! And d'you know what? We Love You TOO!

Take Home Food’s Part 2

In days when the click of a button can buy most things, it’s pretty special to shop at a place where there’s life, atmosphere – and someone to chat to.

Happy Food Co-op

You won’t find many people more cheerful than Matthew Rowe from the “Happy Food Co-op“, he is full of beans, and whats more he sells them too!


Wild Game

Another of our Eastern European cousins bringing some “Wild Game Meat” for us to eat.


Silver Oak Coffee” is also available online,and to go with your coffee…


You could be transported to Transylvania with George and Simona who operate “Chimney Cake Boutique” and they prepare freshly cooked Chimney Cakes which can be coated with nutella if you wish.


Taking a leaf out of the French artisan bakeries is Woosters from Bardwell. Bringing us bread like it should be “Wooster Bakery“. That’s Tom in the photo, and he didn’t think I would remember his name!

A taste of the Carribean provided by Thomas and his great cakes, bakes and savoury morsels.

Feeling meaty? “M & D Meats” can often be heard on their public address system bending the ears of all meat lovers, and just look at the size of that guys cheese!!

Wednesdays, Saturdays 8am-4pm and Specialist Market’s

from Street Food Nights to Farmers’ Market’s

For Bury Market Memories Click HERE

We are always looking for new interesting stalls for our market and can offer help, support and advise to new traders. All you need to start trading is a gazebo, public liability insurance and your stock – you are then ready to go. For certain products and new businesses we do have gazebos we can lend out and insurance for a year can start at £60.

If you are interested please contact Sharon Fairweather, Market Development Officer for further information.

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