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Household Item’s

Still being incredibly lucky in Bury St Edmunds to have such a wide range of stalls on our twice weekly market. From candles to locksmiths, baskets to furs, torches and household linens… Oh Bury St Edmunds, how you spoil us.

New Chapter Wood

Cliff Hilson, one of our original enhanced advertisers on welovebse.com, is still smiling and bringing us some great products to brighten our homes.

Just Our Stall

Liza Elliots stall may feel very familiar to you, because Liza also has a store down St Johns Street, but its great to see such an amazing stall on the market too.

Lillell Ceramics

Theres always bright smile from Hazel Mrose who has the “Lilell Ceramics” Stall.

Tool Stall

Tool Stall hass a truly dazzling array of tools and gadgets and items you just know you are going to need some time.

Derek Delboys Stall

Arfur Daly? NO! It’s Delboy you plonker!

You know how it is, you need a button to fix that shirt, or a ribbon for your hat, well ok, I’m guessing, but if you are that person, then “Gary Lockwood Haberdashery” is that stall for you.

To describe Andreas Wales plot as a stall, is an understatment It is possible the beomoth of all stalls!. Andreas runs Keyways Locksmith’s and they also have an outlet on Stamford Court in Bury St Edmunds.

If you looking for some stylish additions to your homes, “Boby King Design’s” as some wonderfully colour items for you.

And “Girly Cotton Linen’s” will be able to service all of your house keeping needs, with towels, and throws aplenty.

A dazzling range of leather bags are on offer at “Mer Hussain Leather Bag’s”, which is usually opposite Lloyds in the town.

You cannot miss DelboyTony on the “Derek Killick Household” Items stall, which has massive selection of items, such as kitchen scissors knives, cutters, ropes, he even has vaping liquid!

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We are always looking for new interesting stalls for our market and can offer help, support and advise to new traders. All you need to start trading is a gazebo, public liability insurance and your stock – you are then ready to go. For certain products and new businesses we do have gazebos we can lend out and insurance for a year can start at £60.

If you are interested please contact Sharon Fairweather, Market Development Officer for further information.

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