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Leisure and Entertainment

Leisure plays such a large part of our lives nowadays. I wonder how much this has changed over the years on the Bury Market. Of course things are full of colour and life today, with big extremes in what we do with our spare time, and this is reflected in the market.


Charlie & Perdee have a stall called “Combatkidz” specialising in outdoor pursuits. Careful though, you might not see them for all of the camoflage.

JB Airguns

And while in the camoflage camp, we can find JB Airguns frequenting the market, and over from Ely. “JBAirguns

Misty Mountain Music

The heavily tattooed Chris Manning has an eclectic array of Vinyl and CD’s on his stall, “Misty Mountain Music“,

Newman Pet Supplies

Cheery Lee Newman has a lot to be be cheery about. He runs “Newman Pet Supplie’s”. If Lee doesn’t have it, your pet doesn’t need it.

So if you are buying presents for the boys or the girls, you will need to pop over to the Market Cross, where Darren Old has his stall of cards, calendars and gift wrap.

And Sue Hawward’s stall is full of crystals, dream catchers and everything mystical you can think of. Sue’s stall is called “Mystic Moon”.

Wednesdays, Saturdays 8am-4pm and Specialist Market’s

from Street Food Nights to Farmers’ Market’s

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We are always looking for new interesting stalls for our market and can offer help, support and advise to new traders. All you need to start trading is a gazebo, public liability insurance and your stock – you are then ready to go. For certain products and new businesses we do have gazebos we can lend out and insurance for a year can start at £60.

If you are interested please contact Sharon Fairweather, Market Development Officer for further information.

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