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It’s all in Bury’s Street Market’s | Greengrocery


Vibrancy, colour, noise, atmosphere – Bury’s twice weekly Market stretches around the Butter Market and Cornhill, with 80 stalls selling a wide variety of produce. Reflecting the rich agricultural surroundings of rural Suffolk, the seasonal fruit and vegetables are field-fresh, abundant and varied – from huge green topped clusters of carrots, sprout sticks and most varieties of potatoes in winter to lush ripe summer berries and cherries, salad good and herbs in summer months. From greengrocery to take home foods you would be hard pressed to not find a bargain.

Wild Country Organics

“Wild Country Organics” is one of my very favourite stalls. Their tomatoes are not only things of great beauty, but they bring the taste of France to Bury St Edmunds, and “garcon!” we should be very grateful.

Pollard’s Fruit & Veg

It’s All In Bury’s Street Market’s | Greengrocery James Pollard runs “Pollard’s Fruit and Veg” stall and their speciality are the fruit pots. Great for snacking as you wander around and so healty as well.

D & H McQueen

“D & H McQueen’s” were very busy went I popped past, but they still had time to have some banter and chat with their customers…

Tony Wilson Fruit & Veg

Tony’s stall is reliably always closest to Moyse’s Hall, and have a great swath of fresh fruit and veg for you to choose from.

Abbey Fruits

Remember I was talking about those lush ripe summer berries and cherries? I think we have found them on Colin Lawrence’s “Abbey Fruits” stall!

Hart’s of Suffolk

You can easily locate Martin Harts, “Hart’s of Suffolk” as they have the big yellow pelmet over their stall. Very proud to be from Suffolk and even more proud of their very locally grown strawberries, we know how to do things in these ‘ere parts!

F W Keeling Ltd.

We love fresh, we love local, we love quality, we love banter and we love the characters, such as this lad on “F W Keeling Ltds”. stall. These are the guy’s that make the market so very special, and make you want to go back every week.

It’s All In Bury’s Street Market’s | Greengrocery

Wednesdays, Saturdays 8am-4pm and Specialist Market’s

from Street Food Nights to Farmers’ Market’s

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We are always looking for new interesting stalls for our market and can offer help, support and advise to new traders. All you need to start trading is a gazebo, public liability insurance and your stock – you are then ready to go. For certain products and new businesses we do have gazebos we can lend out and insurance for a year can start at £60.

If you are interested please contact Sharon Fairweather, Market Development Officer for further information.

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