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Advertising with WLBSE – a modern way to interact

If you wish to potentially increase your footfall, the prominence of your company, offer a discount to Bury St Edmunds residents and stand out from the rest, we can offer various advertising online solutions.


£149.99 set up fee for first page

subsequent pages at £49.99 per page

*** (£99.99 set up if you offer a WLBSE Badge discount

subsequent pages at £49.99 per page)


Basic Listing (as above)

Dedicated feature page

Company graphic logo

Up to 4 hi resolution photos to illustrate

Unlimited updates for the first year

Multiple telephone listings

Social Media Links

Multiple email addresses

All Social Media links (Angie’s List, delicious, CD Baby, Facebook, Flickr, foursquare, Goodreads, Google +, Houzz, IMDb, Mixcloud, Myspace, Pinterest, RSS, Tripadvisor, Twitter, Vimeo, Youtube plus many more)

Company Biography (300 – 500 words) All articles will be proof read and tweaked to ensure it is Search Engine Optimised

Anniversary dates logged.


20% discount on 4 tickets to any WLBSE paid events.

Event Listing

Subsequent years will be charged at £29.99 to maintain this service


*** About The WLBSE Badge Scheme

If you choose to offer a discount to your customers who wear the “We Love Bury St Edmunds!” badge, then we can work together, to create a small advert on the front page of our website. The adverts are 310px wide by 86px high.

These adverts are available to businesses who have Full Page Listings.

The adverts are randomised, so that they are always sharing that space with other advertisers, however, when your advert comes up and a customer clicks on it, that click will take them to a PDF file giving more detail about the discount you offer.

The discount is entirely up to you. It might be a percentage, it might be a value, it might only work on certain days, again, this is for you to decide.

You will also receive  an A5 window cling of the “We Love Bury St Edmunds!” logo, to alert your customers before they come in, that they are entitled to a discount, if they are wearing their badge.

An Associate will also be entitled to a 20% discount on 2 tickets for any paid Events, created by “We Love Bury St Edmunds!”

LIKE Competition in the Facebook Group

available only to Whole Page Advertisers on www.welovebse.com

Sometimes a business wants to advertise their latest promotion and we can organise this using the Facebook Group , “We Love Bury St Edmunds!”

LIKE Competitions usually take the form of a business describing their latest product.

The reader needing to “LIKE” the post in order for them to be in the random pot to win.

By running a competition like this, your product gets a lot of exposure, and each time someone “LIKES” the post, it raises it up the timeline and keeps it in the readers mind.

Events such as this, run for a maximum of 2 weeks and have been very successful in the past.

You will need to provide full details in the post to the group which includes the end date and also what the person will win. We will then independently choose a winner at random and contact you with their details.


*** WLBSE Event Listing

available only to Whole Page Advertisers on www.welovebse.com

Free event listings to for the first year when used in conjunction with Full Page Listing

Subsequent years will be charged at £24.99 per year for 25 Events

This entitles businesses to advertise up to 25 of their events in any one year, on the website www.welovebse.com

These can then be posted into the Facebook Group upon request

As with all articles on the business pages, scripts for events must be original content, not having appeared on the internet before.

Each event must be accompanied by at least 2 photographs for illustration purposes

If these options interest you, please email me, at [email protected] and I can arrange a meeting to discuss your requirements

All conditions subject to change with a 3 month notice period

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