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Limited Edition - Things To Come

Limited Edition - Things To Come

The Limited Edition Decades Prints by Joshua Rosewarne-Andrews are stunning. 4 in the series spanning from the 1920s to the 1950s, this print is created in the style of the time and we have called it, Things To Come - Available to buy here.

Limited Edition - Opening Night

Limited Edition - Opening Night

Second in the series of Limited Edition Decades Prints by Joshua Rosewarne-Andrews are stunning. The 1930s print celebrates the Opening Night of The Odeon and depicts the two films which were shown on that night - Available to buy here.

Limited Edition - Farewell

Limited Edition - Farewell

Third in the series of Limited Edition Decades Prints by Joshua Roseware-Andrews. The 1940's print harks back to the war, with men leaving from the Bury Railway Station, and Americans coming to the area. Available to buy here.

About Us We Love Bury St Edmunds

You may have heard of a little Facebook group, that has taken the town of Bury St Edmunds by storm.

“We Love Bury St Edmunds!” was born on 18th December 2015 with just 36 people. Through friends adding friends, and no one else, the group has become, quite literally, an overnight sensation, swelling its numbers to 9,000 members in the first 30 days (now over 19,000). Through photos and collective memories, members have reconnected with lost friends and loved ones who have been, so far up to 60 years apart.

Staying close to the rule of “Community Collective Memory”

  • members have uploaded over 29,000 photos showing many different aspects of the town. By using these photos carers looking after the elderly and those with dementia have been able to stimulate memories – not just in the elderly, but also many younger group members too.

The website is the natural progression for the group. The aim is to share all of the great memories and photos with the world. We are very proud to live in such a wonderful town and we know that Bury St Edmunds is a very special place for a lot of people not only here, but further afield too. Suffice to say e are proud to be able to showcase Bury St Edmunds, proving that it really is somewhere truly unique and special.

My WiSH Charity

“We Love Bury St Edmunds!” is now also working alongside the revamped West Suffolk Hospital charity My WiSH, to bring greater awareness to the group of their role, and in to inspire people in the group to support them.

With this in mind, we raised money for 2 charities at our Christmas Party. We were also entertained by Eurovision Royalty, The Brotherhood Of Man. The party was a great success, and we followed this up in 2017 with a second Night 2 Remember, and we showcased 5 amazing Acts.Oh What a Night 🙂

We have lots more great plans for 2018, but for the time being, we are keeping our cards close to our chest… Just wait and see..

There is a Facebook Group, from which the concept began. There is also a Facebook Page, which we added later. Whenever a new web  post is added, the Facebook Page, the Twitter feed and Google+ get alerted, so you don’t miss anything.

Oh yes, we have a youtube channel as well.

We also have some premium pages for you too. See our look at The Bury Markets, Edmund or my personal favourite A Night 2 Remember.

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