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January 2019 Dry End to 2018

Looking Back On Our Weather Patterns – JANUARY 2019


Weather Station

Bury St.Edmunds River Linnet Rainfall

Location – 1 mile west of Town Centre. 

Height above MSL 46 metres 

Grid Reference TL 836638


Quick Facts

█  Month’s Total Rainfall only 22.9mm

█  45% of 1961-1990 Regional Average

█  Only 4 “Wetdays” with more than 1mm – 8 days less than average – but totalled 19mm

█  10 days with significant rainfall of 0.2mm or more

█  Wettest 24hrs of 5.5mm from 0900 hrs on the 29th


The dry anticyclonic end to December continued into the New Year with only four January days with a little rainfall up to the 15th – a total of 2.4mm. Air pressure dominated the whole period, getting up as high as 1043mb on the 2nd. It is quite unusual for a winter to have only 3mm falling in 23 days – the only year in the past as dry as this was January 1973 which, in East Anglia, had air pressure up to 1040mb up to the 13th.

The recent amazing contrast was when Holywater Meadows was severely flooded from 61mm – nearly 2½ inches – that fell in the 16days up to the 14th January 2016.

The first really wet day set in mid-morning on the 16th and a remarkable change to January 2019 came after midnight. There were showers before dawn and a surprisingly heavy ten minute snow shower before 8am with temperature just above freezing. Wind veered to the north with gusts over 30mph but, within an hour, the sun started shining for over six hours.

It is fascinating that, at 2ºC with a mean wind speed of 20mph that day, the meteorological "wind chill factor" made it feel like -12ºC ! It then became settled and frosty and the night eclipse of the 21st was just visible above increasing cloud and 4mm of rain fell the following night. A little snow on the 24th and from the 26th to 29th, totalled 10mm of which 1cm of snow came down at the end.

Previous drier Januarys since 1961

1964  19.0mm 5 Wet days

1987  17.0mm 3 Wet days

1973  15.0mm 5 Wet days

2006  14.5mm 5 Wet days

1997  23.9mm 2 Wet days

Seven Warm and Dry Days

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