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Social Eating

It’s that time of year when we all want to enjoy ourselves in your favourite restaurant with your favourite people.  But what if you want to stick on your plan and keep on track with your food so January isn’t so much of a struggle with your New Year’s resolution.

Here we look at some easy tips that will help you and take some of the stress out of this time of year!


Some easy swaps you could try:

  • swap pies, bacon and sausages for healthier protein, such as lean cuts of meat, pulses, chicken without the skin, and lean meats like ham or fish (not fried)
  • swap cream and cheese sauces for tomato and vegetable sauces 
  • swap fried rice (such as egg-fried rice) for plain boiled rice 
  • swap chips and creamy mashed potatoes for baked, boiled or steamed potatoes with their skins on  
  • swap cakes, chocolate creamy puddings and ice cream for fruit salads or other fruit-based desserts and lower-fat, lower-sugar yoghurts 
  • swap vegetables served with butter, oily dressings or mayonnaise for steamed vegetables served plain  
  • swap alcohol or a fizzy drink for a glass of still or sparkling water mixed with some fruit juice – remember, even unsweetened fruit juice is sugary, so limit yourself to 150ml of fruit juice or smoothies each day (drinking fruit juice with a meal or diluting it with water can reduce the impact it has on your teeth)  
  • Healthy menu tips – More and more restaurants are putting the energy content in their food and drink on their menus or websites.
  • ask for salt not to be added to your meal during cooking or preparation
  • avoid snacking on bread and nibbles before your main meal arrives
  • don’t order too much – you can always order more later if necessary
  • bulk up your meal with a side order of low-calorie steamed vegetables
  • ask for sauces to be served separately so you can eat less
  • avoid large or super-sized meal options
  • Ordering dessertShare one dessert between two
  • swap cream or chocolate desserts for fruit-based desserts, such as apple crumble
  • Instead of having ice cream or cream with your dessert, ask for fruit purée or plain yoghurt.

Remember Eating Socially is supposed to be Enjoyable!!

I hope they help you and that you have a Great Christmas.


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