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 Some dry spells and warm to the 25th

 Some dry spells and warm to the 25th – then cooler and wet

Looking Back On Our Weather Patterns – OCTOBER 2018

Weather Station

Bury St. Edmunds River Linnet Rainfall

Location – 1 mile west of Town Centre. 

Height above MSL 46metres 

Grid Reference TL 836638


Quick Facts

█ Month’s Total Rainfall  49.2mm       

█ 93% of 1961-1990 Regional Average

█ but only 5 days with 1mm or more–4 days less than average

█ and 14 days with significant rainfall of 0.2mm or more

█ Wettest 24hrs of  19.1mm from 0900hrs on the 14th.


After the last dry week of September, only 0.4mm fell over the first  five October days.  Following a refreshing wet day of 8mm for most of the 12 hours from breakfast time on the 6th, it was dry and sunny with temperatures reaching 23ºC on the 10th.

A spectacular full red sunrise with an impressive half circle rainbow on the 12th ended in only a trace of rain. The wettest and almost non-stop rainfall was from 0900hrs on the 14th.  7mm fell in the first 12 hours to mid evening and rest from audible, heavy rain after midnight turning to foggy drizzle before dawn.

This 19.1mm was the 2nd wettest day of the year. Settled weather set in from midday on the 17th with some mostly misty, dewy clear sky mornings to the 25th with mainly W’ly winds. Air pressure got above 1035mb on the 22nd. By then, forecasts indicated that colder weather was on the way.

Hail bounced on the lawn in the gusty afternoon of the 26th and 6.3mm fell on Saturday 27th with some more hail with well established cooler N’ly winds. The first clearly visible air frost was on a more calm 29th with pleasant sunshine to dusk. A wet day 30th with air pressure getting as low as 991mb and a very wet night started late evening on the 31st.

A just under average month but not as dry as the previous three Octobers –

2015 29mm    2016 30mm    2017 14mm.

A Memorable 4 Month Summer

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