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Are You Drinking Enough?

This month we will be looking at why keeping hydrated is extremely important to your all-round health.

Do YOU drink enough water?

Do YOU feel sluggish, tired, not alert etc.? These are all things that come with poor hydration.

Here are a few bullet points for you to read, digest and hopefully put into practice to keep you in top form.

  • 60-70% of your body is water
  • Most can survive 21 days without food but only 2 – 5 days without water
  • Essential for physical and mental performance
  • Brain weighs 2% of your body
  • Brain is made of 75% water
  • We lose around 700ml water per day due to breathing
  • Around 1400ml from going to the toilet.
  • This is why it’s important to keep hydrated
  • With poor hydration causes brain fog, sluggishness, dizzy, headaches, mood swings, tiredness, lack of concentration.
  • 5% loss in fluid is classed as dehydrated.
  • If your thirsty your more than likely dehydrated
  • Exercise is important for our all-round health
  • And sweating aids in weight loss
  • Muscles draw in water for repair and that’s why you sometimes weigh more after exercise
  • Aim to drink 200-400ml per hour
  • Adding a pinch of salt helps the body hold onto water during exercise
  • Alcohol lowers our inhibitions and causes consequences- over eating, loss of control etc.
  • Your body will always burn off the alcohol calories first rather than food
  • Alcohol has 7kcal per gram, carbs 4kcal, fat 9kcal and protein 4kcal
  • Try to limit alcohol intake to 1-2 days per week and 2 drinks per session ideally
  • Good hydration helps , mood, skin, digestion, alertness and so much more

Lots of great information here that is easy to put into practice for you, family and friends.


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