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Weight Management

This is a huge subject personally, in the media and everywhere we look.

Whether it is weight loss, weight gain, maintenance you are after it can be a mine field out there of good information and also false information.

Go it alone

You can go down the route of exercising more and eating less. Or looking at the quick fix suggestions in the magazines. But ultimately with these it will become either failure or too many different ideas to try. It does work with some though and you find a plan that is great for you.


Look towards respected people whose opinions are respected. Ask questions, go on courses that will help you build the knowledge and you can put this in practice. A great course online is The Body Type Nutrition course which goes through everything body and nutrition.

Support classes

By far the most popular and also where you have the accountability of being weighed. Very successful in building friendships and with that helps you in gaining a mini support group out of the class to help those wobbles

A few classes I have found in Google:

Shape Shifters Bury; Westbury Community Centre, Monday 6-7pm then Exercise class 7-8pm. A new way of looking at health with Education, Motivation, Inspiration, Accountability that helps you with food, calories etc.

Slimming World; Various locations and times around Bury, eating plans and food optimising that uses a points system. Set your own target.

Weight Watchers; Various locations and ties in Bury, guidance from a coach, motivation, the WW app, eating plan and points system.

Rosemary Conley; Various locations and times in Bury, different eating plans to suit you, support, community, app and exercise.

These are just a few as there is lots of help in Bury for any goals you have with weight.
Find one that suits you and go for it.
There is help if you need it

Let me know how you get on


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