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New Direction? New You?

The summer holidays and the summer sun has now left us and its now looking ahead towards Christmas parties and all things sparkly.

What is your fitness motivation?

Now the time for showing off your white bits has gone and it’s all about jumpers. But your health is a 365 day journey.

Look ahead to what you have planned and then look at how you want to feel. So hiding yourself away doesn’t become normality. Or perhaps you have overindulged this summer, all is not lost!

5 Things to get YOU motivated:

  1. Remember how great it was to run after the children or enjoy those walks in scenic places. Look to getting out more to enhance the exercise and enjoy more of those scenes but in a different season.
  2. Food can be enjoyed all year round. Look at your diary and eat around the social events. Eat slightly less the day before and after to compensate. But always enjoy the social meals!
  3. It is never over. No matter how much you ate, didn’t exercise, you can always start now and get in the dress or suit for that Christmas party. Start today and you have 8 weeks before the Christmas festivities happen!
  4. Look at next year. Perhaps you want to look different, feel better and have that little more confidence in the bikini or speedos. A transformation takes time and a quick fix never lasts. So put things in place which you can achieve and be flexible in your direction. A lot can be achieved in a year!
  5. DON’T BE PUT OFF. This is your life, your health and your confidence. Take control, take the motivation and make this the start of the new you!

Let me know your motivation and I will keep check in how you are getting on.

We can do this together.


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