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Interpretation Team

Our guides and stewards help to tell the story of The Guildhall and bring it to life with energy and humour. Enable our visitors to take a journey through time. Learn to support or lead tours about ‘The Good, The Bad and The Unlucky’, ‘Bury St Edmunds at War’ and possibly other bespoke tours. Share your knowledge and love of history through stories and help people to see the significance of the building and its relationship to the town.

What might a typical day involve?

Our tour guides have special role in offering a more in-depth experience. They use the building and the artefacts within it to illustrate history and sometimes they add a performance element by being in costume as a character from the past.

Our room stewards primary role is to ensure each visitor gets the most out of their visit. Guiding and demonstrating activities, explaining about the rooms and telling some stories which will excite and intrigue. In addition, they are there to ensure the safety of visitors and supervise respectful and appropriate use of
the resources.

Tour guides and stewards will be provided with opportunities to learn about the building and to shadow more experienced members of their team. Ideas and easy notes will be given and provide a good starting point, but as guides and stewards become more confident and knowledgeable, they will introduce more of their own personality and variety.

Sounds like it could be your sort of thing? What next?

We are open to the public 10:00am-4:00pm on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and 11:00am-4:00pm on Sundays. You are invited to pop in and see us at work, to find out more about volunteering roles.

Complete a volunteer registration form, available from the reception desk, and return to reception or email it to volunteering@burystedmundsguildhall.org.uk

We’ll have a chat and arrange opportunities to visit and shadow others in your team. When you are ready, you can sign up for regular or ad hoc sessions.


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