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At last, A Welcome Downpour

Looking Back On Our Weather Patterns – AUGUST 2018

Weather Station

Bury St. Edmunds River Linnet Rainfall

Location – 1 mile west of Town Centre. 

Height above MSL 46metres 

Grid Reference TL 836638


Quick Facts

█ Month’s Total Rainfall  61.7mm       

█ 116% of 1961-1990 Regional Average

█11 days with 1mm  or more–3 more than average

█ and 14 days with significant rainfall of 0.2mm or more

█ Wettest 24hrs of  21.8mm from 0900hrs on the 9th.


August’s first rainfall of 1.3mm fell mostly before dawn on the 8th and, when continuous rain set in after breakfast on the 9th, 3mm had fallen by midday and 10mm in the next three hours and another 4mm to teatime. It was all a pleasant surprise to quite enjoy the wettest day since June last year.

More rain set in late morning on the following day with another 8.8mm up to early evening – making a two day total of 30.6mm. The next wet day was around midday on the 16th with 8mm falling in 2¼ hours. The total by then was just short of average at 47.5mm.   The last notable wet day was Sunday 26th – most of it in the afternoon – half of the total of 6.6mm falling by 1500hrs GMT.

Widely proclaimed as a record warm summer, our rainfall was the 7th driest

The 1961-90 June to August average is 155mm – we only had 78mm. Going back locally over 110 years, the previous drier six summers were 76mm in 1990, 75mm in 1970, 71mm in 1995, 69mm in the epic hot 1976, 61mm in 1983 and only 52mm (2″) in 1921.

What a contrast to last year’s 229mm (9″)

A Memorable 4 month Summer

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