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What Foods & When to Eat Them

Following on from the popular article last month with a Q&A session we now follow on with,

What Do I Eat Before Exercise and When?

This is a personal preference to how you and your body react to foods and exercise. It will be a trial and error practice until you find the right balance and will also depend on what time you exercise.

I will look at two exercise times which are the most popular and give you a few tips to try and see how you get on.


Morning Exercise between 6-9am:

  • Try to eat at least 1 hour before exercise to aid digestion
  • Look to a carbohydrate based meal eg. Oats to give you the energy boost
  • Keep hydrated
  • You may prefer exercising on an empty stomach, try this and see but you may feel you have less energy for endurance and heavy lifting
  • After exercise get some carbohydrates and protein in within 2 hours to keep energy up and also aid recovery.
  • Keep hydrated throughout the day.

Evening Exercise between 6-9pm

  • Mostly the same as above but do try to eat an hour before with some carbohydrates eg. Brown rice, pasta
  • Have a meal during the day to keep energy flowing
  • Keep hydrated well
  • Save some calories for after exercise as you will be hungry.
  • Eat some carbohydrates and protein at least an hour before bed to aid recovery and will help you sleep.

This may seem vague but they are the main points to focus on.  Like I have said it is down to your preferences but use these pointers to build your food choices and times around.


Let me know how you get on and feel.

Enjoy your Summer Holidays and keep active in the Sun!!


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