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When The Queen Visited

Abbey Gardens in 1961 when the Queen Visited

I think my first happy memory of the Abbey Gardens when in 1961 when the Queen visited.

I can vaguely remember (I was six) watching with my mother and sisters, a motorcade of cars drive through the Gardens and the Queen was standing in an open top car waving to the crowd.

A Flock of Sheep!

My second happy memory was a funny one; well I thought so at the time. It was when my dad took me for a walk in the Abbey Gardens when I was about eight years old. A flock of sheep had managed to gain access to the grassed area by the river and a shepherd was trying to round them up with his dog. The sheep turned on the dog and stampeded over the poor thing, with the shepherd whistling to no avail. We waited around and the dog was ok, but the sheep headed towards the play area being chased by the shepherd.

Not much of a story but happy memories of being with my mum and dad in a lovely place.

Chris Jaggard

17th April 2016

Always Sunny, Relaxing and Fun

Abbey Gardens Happy Memories

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