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Lose Weight and Be Happy

It is great to have some feedback from you all and I will try here to answer a few of them which seem to come up frequently.

Let’s go,

How Do I lose weight happily?

This is something which depends on how far you want to push your body. Ideally to lose a pound of fat a week you will need a calorie deficit of 3500kcal per week. For some this maybe a bit too drastic as there will be times in which you have meals out or craving foods others are eating. 

Here are 7 tips to keep you enjoying your food and that will keep you happier and more social, whilst still losing the weight.

1.       Save a few calories for the times you need. Yes this will make your days a bit less than you need but they will add to the days on which you are out socially and also when you may have a heavier gym session, which always makes you hungrier.

2.       Eat more of your calories when you are hungrier. Everyone has a time in which you are more peckish. Mine is in the evening when I am sitting watching television before bed. So I always save a few more calories for then.

3.       Never deprive yourself of foods. Most people have a food in which they enjoy to eat and if it is taken away that will make you feel sad. YOU can have them! Just see how many calories you have in the day and factor your favourites in.

4.       Exercise. Yes it really does work to keep those happy hormones flowing. Get exercising in a group and feed off the energy from others and join a group chat which always helps motivation.

5.       You will have times of feeling less motivated, look at yourself and feel unhappy and not feeling that you are progressing at the rate you want. Take photos and look at them. This will show how far you have come. The lower calories you are on, the more it affects your hormones which will affect mood and energy you have. This is unfortunately a part of trying to get rid of that unwanted fat.

6.       Aim for small goals. Try to break your overall goal into easy achievable chunks. Then give yourself a little reward when you achieve them. It really keeps motivation going.

7.       Listen to all the compliments you receive. People say these because they are true. Try not to let your impatience turn them into negatives. You’re working hard you deserve the positive comments!

Wow that has taken all my words on one question. But this is the most frequent one I get.

You can lose weight. You can reach your weight loss goals and You can be happy doing this with eating the foods you love.

Be patient, learn along the way how your body works as we are all different and take those comments as you really are awesome!

Next month as it is summer holidays I will go deeper into your questions and look at the best foods to eat before and after a workout plus timings.

Enjoy the summer and keep the questions coming


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