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Portion Control

What’s in a food? How much should I eat? I can’t have that!

All thing I hear regularly.

I’m here to help and here to give you hope with your friendship with food.

Food is something we all enjoy and with that I include pizza, chocolate, ice-cream. Every food is there for us to have and eat.

It all comes down to portion size and portion control

You can eat anything you want, just don’t gorge on it because it’s there. Have a little and it will actually taste better.

A food is just an energy source. It’s all down to what’s inside. If you go for a chocolate bar, yes it tastes nice but for the same amount of calories you could probably have a lot more if you ate one ingredient foods like vegetables, salad etc. Plus these are important as they will give you all the nutrients you require to fuel your body.

Try not to cut out foods

Cutting out carbohydrates is a big topic. But they are important for energy, muscle building and brain function. They are an energy source. You may find after a high carbohydrate meal you weigh more. This is more than likely because carbohydrates draw water into the muscles for storage.

All nutrients are needed in some form fats, carbohydrates, protein, fibre because they keep the body performing to its best potential. I understand for medical reasons some people have to not consume some varieties but there are good alternatives around to keep you going.

Portion size – Portion Control

There are a few tips to stop over eating but still enjoy ALL your foods.

Eat with a smaller plate or kids sized Knife and fork. This will cut down on the amount you can put on the plate and also take longer to eat to make you feel fuller.

Buy a plate with divided sections for each of Vegetables, Carbohydrates and Protein.

The hand portion control method:

For 2 out of 3 meals per day plus 2 x snacks


Protein – 1 palm size; Vegetables – 1 fist size; Carbohydrates  – 1 palm size; Fats 1 thumb size


Protein – 2 palm size; Vegetables – 2 fist size; Carbohydrates – 2 palm size; Fats – 2 Thumb size


Use these to help you control the amount of foods eaten but also enjoy all the foods you love J


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