We Love Bury St Edmunds!

Summer Is On Its Way

As I write this the weather is sunny, blue skies and hot. Lovely for this time of year.

It also means summer, light nights and longer days are just around the corner. This may mean holidays, playing with the children, gardening, exploring, enjoying times with friends etc.

With this you want to be able to move around the best you can, feel healthier and enjoy everything life brings.

This is why getting out and moving in a variety of ways will help you.


With all its carrying, bending, stretching and digging is a great way to burn a few extra calories plus get the joints moving. And it will soon be ‘Bury in Bloom’ time!!

Play Parks

There are a few new ones and some which have been re –developed recently, like the one on Howard Estate. How about treating the children to an hour in the park after school with a picnic? Invite your friends and have some fun, play some games and move around. It’s free and enjoyable.


On Facebook I have seen lots of great pictures with blue and red in the photos on the ‘we love bse’ page. This is an excellent way of getting out and looking around plus moving more with a fun feel! All ages and abilities can do this which makes it an excellent idea.

Favourite Place

How about adding in photos on the Facebook page with YOUR favourite place. I would love to see what in Bury St Edmunds inspires you, makes you happy and is the place you enjoy. When you do this please tag me in your posts and tell me why. So I can see and explore myself.

So get outside, take a photo, tag me and share all what Bury St Edmunds has to offer in beauty.

Plus have fun, enjoy the walks and get moving.

Have a great May and I look forward to all the photos.


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