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Have Your Egg and Eat it

Happy Easter!!

It’s a time when we think about CHOCOLATE lots of lovely chocolate eggs, bunnies, chickens, anything you can think of made out of chocolate.

There are two types of mind-set:

The diet goes out of the window as calories don’t count at Easter and I deserve to eat all this chocolate. It’s only once a year.


I can’t possibly eat that. The amount of calories in those eggs are horrendous! I don’t think you should have one too.

Everywhere we look we see chocolate and we should gorge on all of this with the fabulous offers out there.

Then also everywhere we look and see we find the terrible statement of obesity being the second most preventable cancer and soon to be the first.

But can we eat this chocolate eggs and also stay on the diet and healthy? Of course you can!!

Follow these easy steps to a guilt free Easter eating:

  1. Remove the guilty thought- You can and should enjoy yourself
  2. Eat a bit less in the day if you have or are going to eat that chocolate to balance it out
  3. Move more – Enjoy a lovely walk, Go and partake in some exercise
  4. Limit yourself – You don’t really need to eat them all at once, as they will probably keep for a year
  5. Give some away – There are lots of people out there who cannot afford an egg and lots of children who will not get one. Donate it to the local food bank or charity and feel good that you have helped someone and brought them joy.

These 5 points will help you to have a guilt free and enjoyable Easter.

What is your favourite egg? I am finding new ones each year to enjoy!!!

If you need any more advice please contact me or if you are in need of and help with health and fitness please also contact me.

Together we can enjoy life to its fullest.


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