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Helping You, Help Your Children

It is a shocking fact that today nearly a third of all children aged 2 – 15 are either overweight or obese. That is a worrying statistic. Yes the government are trying to help with, reducing sugar, lower calorie options, supporting the 2 x 100 calorie snacks a day scheme and the eat well plate, but that can only do so much.

It is widely looked at that a child should participate in at least 1 hour of regular physical exercise per day. And to be honest 60 minutes is not very much to ask.


So what can you do to help?


·         Encourage after school activities: There are numerous different activities to be tried with either no or little cost involved. From Boxercise to Yoga, Football to Fencing there are now such a wide variety of things to be tried and enjoyed.


·         Find something they like: If you like it then you will stick at it. Just like your child. Don’t push them to do something just because you like it. They are their own person. And if they do like something, encourage them!


·         Friends can help: Participating with friends helps with being motivated as you do not want to let the other down. If their friends are in a club your child may feel more comfortable trying it with someone they know.


·         Teaching along the way: If you learn whilst exercising you also find out what is happening with your body and how that works. Education leads to a wanting to do and learn more.


·         Promote water and healthy snacks: Encourage them to drink more, eat a healthy snack as this will make them feel more energised and have the energy to participate in exercise. It really is a relationship. One goes with the other.


·         Lunchbox: Look what goes in the lunch box every day and see if it is healthy. Also look at yours!


·         Do things together: Exercise with them as a family. Walking, Biking anything that gets you moving. It also helps with the bonding of the family which leads to a happier healthier lifestyle.


Try these out. They are all obvious, simple ideas which often get overlooked. But make huge differences.


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