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Happy New Year

I hope you all had a great Christmas and enjoyed everything that went with the holidays.

Now it’s that time of year again for New Year resolutions.

If it’s to be a bit healthier or fitter then you have come to the right place. Please read on.

I will give you 4 easy steps to take which will cost you nothing, maybe save you some money and get you started.

Anybody can do these steps!!

1, What is YOUR goal?

This is your goal, nobody else’s so write it down and keep it with you to help you keep on track.

2, Reduce the snacks

Take things out of your snacking life. If you cannot completely stop them at once reduce them bit by bit or replace with lower calorie options.

3, Move more

We are lucky to live in a beautiful town and county so get out and explore it. This will get you burning more calories, reduce stress, make you more mobile and also discover more about where you live.

4, Get with others

Find a group or a buddy who are on the same healthy goal as you. Others help you when you feel like you cannot be bothered and also keep you accountable.

I believe that you can do this and if you need any help on food, fitness, exercise classes please contact me. J

Look forward to February when we takes things a little further.


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