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My daughter Amelia was born in December 2015 at 28 weeks gestation (12 weeks premature) She was born by emergency c-section, with 14 doctors, nurses and consultants.

I have never seen so many amazing people on one small operating theatre. My daughter weighed 575grams that’s 1lb:2oz. I’m have been told she is the second smallest baby to be born and survive at west Suffolk hospital.


I was able to touch her for a matter of seconds before she was whisked off to the neonatal unit where I was able to see her 3 hours after her birth. This is where I met a transport service called ANTS-EOE. ANTS-EOE or Acute Neonatal Transfer Service for East of England NHS, transport very sick and premature babies across East Anglia and the London area.

 My daughter was very sick

They told me my daughter was very sick and that I should take lots of pictures of her now as she may not make the short journey to Addenbrookes Hospital.
Jordan Arnold - Amelia Arnold

Jordan Arnold – Amelia Arnold

I felt broken that everything  me and my wife ever wanted could be taken away. ANTS-EOE got her to Addenbrookes safely. When I saw her in her incubator all I wanted to do was pick her up and hold her this tiny little girl. I put my finger in her incubator and she held onto it.

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

We met with consultants at Addenbrookes who told us this would be a long journey and she would probably be in NICU (neonatal intensive care unit), past her due date. I couldn’t even begin to think of the journey ahead. We was told to take each hour as it comes to start with. I don’t think me and my wife slept for weeks on end or eat properly as we couldn’t bare to leave her.

Most Amazing Sight In The World

Finally a week after her birthday, my wife was allowed to hold Amelia. It was the most amazing sight in the World. We both were overwhelmed with emotion and couldn’t believe how lucky we were to hold her, to smell her, to feel her and to kiss her.

Strength to Strength

She went from strength to strength until she was just over a month old. We had to go to the Royal Brompton Hospital in Chelsea to undergo a heart operation to close a duct in her heart.
After a few days we returned back to Addenbrookes where she started to gain weight quicker and when she hit a kilo in weight, yes 1000 grams, we were allowed to return back to the West Suffolk Hospital.

Return to the West Suffolk

It was much more relaxed at the West Suffolk Hospital, but she still received just as good care. She continued to make good progress,. In total she spent 14 weeks in 3 different neonatal units where ANTS-EOE transported her on every occasion.

Well Loved Little Princess

Jordan Arnold - Family - Amelia

Jordan Arnold – Family

We bought her home at 4lbs, 2 weeks after her due date. She is a truly well loved little princess and we cherish every second of every day with her. She is now 2 and bar her weight being a little on the low side, she is very healthy and I count my lucky stars for that.

I have decided to fund raise for ANTS-EOE and so far I have raise over £1100 to help towards the cost of a new travel incubator, I feel like I really want to try give something back.

Facebook Raffle Page

So I have created a Facebook Raffle Page called “Let’s Do Some Good” where 100% of the money goes to Addenbrooke’s Charitable Trust, who are the charity that are helping them as they are both based at Addenbrookes Hospital.
We are asking businesses to donate vouchers so I can raffle them off.
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