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Yes it’s that time of year when you are walking around and around the busy Bury market and Arc shopping areas not knowing what to buy your loved ones who are into their fitness and the ones who’s New Year resolution is to get that bit healthier.

I am going to hopefully help you in this short article by giving you 10 ideas:

1, Fitness Tracker

Fitbit, Apple, Samsung, Garmin, Jawbone etc. These wearable devices track almost everything nowadays and also notify you on calls and texts. They are more of a guide for steps and calories but really do help motivate you on moving more or trying to do a little extra each training session aswell as monitoring your progress.

2, Fitness Clothing

Who doesn’t have enough clothes!! Buy them the best fitting top and they will walk into the gym in January feeling like they can conquer the world.

3, Water Bottle

Cheap but valuable as you can now buy them with a counter on them to tell you when to drink to keep you hydrated.

4, Fitness Carryall

Much needed to stuff all your new items in!

5, Headphones

Preferably Bluetooth either in ear or old school overhead types. With no wires they won’t strangle themselves when they are moving so much!

6, Resistance Bands

These are sooo good to use at home or in the gym. You can do lots of different exercises hitting every muscle group.

7, Foam Roller

Either smooth or nobbly. I prefer the nobbly ones as the hit to spot better. Use these post workout for soothing those sore muscles.

8, Healthy Snacks

Lots of different types of protein bars, health bars, protein shakes etc. Great stocking fillers.

9, Magazine Subscription

A yearly one off payment subscription to give them new tips once a month delivered to their door. Mens Health, Womens Health etc

10, Vouchers for Personal Training, Group Training or Gym Membership

Help them along by buying them one of these to help the motivation and also this will help them learn and meet new people which will aid motivation and keep them going!!

I hope these have helped you with ideas. And please contact me for anything.

I wish you happy shopping and also have a Happy Christmas and I will see you in the New Year for more information and tips.


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