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Outdoor Gym – Moreton Hall

I was out and about around Moreton Hall the other day as the autumn sunshine was out and I needed to get in a few extra steps on my Fitbit, when I noticed opposite the Moreton Hall pub a few pieces of equipment on the field next to the football pitches. It was an outdoor gym area.

So this intrigued me and I had to go over and have a look.

15 pieces of equipment:

Pull up bars, Dip bars, Bicycle machine, Cross trainer, Chest press, Shoulder press, Leg press, Ab twists and Side swing machines etc. were dotted about for everyone to use.

Full body exercise for free!!!

This then got me thinking does anyone use this?

As I walked up to the area there were children playing on them but nobody using them. Do adults come outside and have a great free gym session or is it just another piece of equipment placed there with great intentions but only to get vandalised and removed?

This really is too good not to be fully taken advantage of.

Firstly as I keep saying it’s FREE, then there is the outdoors factor with the fresh air that you will be breathing in and of course the range of equipment which you can target certain muscles, your cardiovascular fitness and the different circuits you can have fun making up to target all types of goals. Plus like everything if someone sees others using it they are more likely to have a go and feel less embarrassed to train outside. Hopefully we will see a new outdoor gym community starting up. If it can happen in other countries, why not here? Getting fitter together is the best way to stay on track and get the results quicker.

Do you use the equipment? Would you use it? If not why? I would love to hear your thoughts as I think it is a great idea! Please get in contact with me through any of my contact details.

Next month as it will be Christmas time I will be looking at the Fitness Tracker area ready for those Christmas presents!!!!


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