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Memory of the Fallen | Remembrance Parade | Bury St Edmunds

In November 2017, I was able to be upfront and close to what was happening with the “Memory of the Fallen” and Remembrance Parade. This always takes place at the War Memorial on Angel Hill in front of the Town Council offices.

On the video you will see a few faces you might recognise. Patrick Chung, Sarah Stamp Robert Everett and of course Terry Clements who was the Mayor at the time. Other familiar faces from the Town Council are Tom Murray, Wayne Hailstone and Clive Springett. The event was also attended by the Member of Partiament for Bury St Edmunds, Jo Churchill.

Before the ceremony began I was also able to look around at who else was attending, and that included WLBSE members, Dot Horsman, Anna Frankum and Beverley Raine.

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