We Love Bury St Edmunds!

On The Trim Trail

It’s still summer so look outside for fun places to see, explore and get fitter!

It was a sunny morning so I woke my 10yr old daughter up and took her to Ickworth Park for a bit of fun and nature.

She picked her bike to use while I donned my running shoes and we set off.

Whilst running and biking around the stunning beauty of the National Trust scenery we came to the Trim Trail.

11 exercises that you find in a route that takes you within the trees and has a suitable footpath for young and old. Perfect!

The trail is set in 3 categories: Beginner, Intermediate and Expert with easy to follow coloured instructions on how many repetitions that are expected of you. And is also aimed at all ages which is great for the whole family.

As we wandered through the trail we thoroughly enjoyed the peace and quiet of the forest area and saw plenty of wildlife which was a nice bonus (you don’t get this in a gym) whilst getting fresh air and a bit fitter.

The whole trail took us about 30 minutes, each trying every exercise and following the route.

The 11 exercises are:

Step ups,

Arm Stretch,


Sit ups,

Chin Ups,

Press Ups,

Leap Frog,


Monkey Bars,

Straddle Jump,

Pole Climb

And all the exercises are challenging but fun.

You can then follow the footpath further for extra jogging, biking and exploring.

Plus you get to cool down either looking around the amazing house and gardens, in the play park or enjoying a time in the coffee shop. What more could someone want!!

It truly was a lovely morning and I thoroughly recommend this to all the family and with any fitness level to go enjoy and challenge yourselves.

I would love to see your photos of you trying it out. Please send them to me on either

Next month I will continue my outdoor adventure and take you to The Playground Assault Course in Barrow.

Remember I am always here for advice, information or feedback.


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