We Love Bury St Edmunds!

“We Love Bury St Edmunds!” held an event on 20th August 2017, to kickstart the “Your Town Needs You” campaign

We want the entire Town to raise the flag of St Edmund over the weekend of 18th 19th and 20th of November.

I believe this is not been attempted on this scale before, and I will pull out ALL the stops to get this to work.

I want all business to be proud they are based in Bury St Edmunds.

All retailers should be singing the praises of St Edmund, and we should be shouting about it.

We are the one Town on the country that has a town named after the original patron saint of England, and are not going to forget it.

It is paramount that the World knows about our man, because that’s what he was, just a man, with an extraordinary faith.

Jo Churchill MP and Terry Clements Mayor of St Edmundsbury

I am enormously grateful for both Jo Churchill, Member of Parliament for Bury St Edmunds, and Terry Clements, Mayor of St Edmundsbury both came to the Photo Bomb. A crazy idea, and thing to do, but I think I must be doing the right thing to have these amazingly dedicated people, supporting me. I am also grateful to people like Andrew Speed, chairman of the Town Council, Richard Rout, Tom Murray, David Nettleton, all who came to the Photo Bomb, and of course how could we possibly forget, the most photographed man in Bury St Edmunds, our very own Patrick Chung, Mayor of St Edmundsbury from 2015-2016. Also of course to Andy Abbott, who is also so dedicated and so supportive all the time.


Thank you too, to the very talented, Sarah Probert, girl you Rock my World!

Your Town Needs You – Photo Bomb The King With Anne-marie David

Andy Abbott  – Sarah Probert

I would never forget, or be without the support for my new friends in the Facebook Group. You have supported my crazy ideas guys, and your dedication has been a true inspiration to me, and I thank my stars every day, and am humbled by your dedication and friendship. I would also never forget to thank my lifelong friend, Kevan Collins, and his son Robert, without Punch Films UK, this film would never have been possible.

And last and most definitely not least, Eurovision Winner and dear friend

Anne-Marie David

Your Town Needs You – Photo Bomb The King With Anne-marie David

Andy Abbott – Anne-Marie David

Guys! You all, are AWESOME