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Get Fit In The Gardens | Abbey Gardens

As we live in our wonderful town and have access to one of the best gardens in the UK why not use the area to get fit as well as enjoying its beauty.

The Abbey Gardens is a great place to work out on your own or with friends as there is space and equipment ready and waiting for you to use.

You have the tennis courts ready and waiting for you. The guided walks which will add up your steps for the day. The chance to play a round of crazy golf. And with this refreshments on hand. All in all it’s a free/cheap one stop shop for fitness, fun and education. Plus you get the enjoyment of the area and the health benefits of exercising in the fresh air.


But if you want a little bit more than this we can use the items in the park.

I will now list a few things to get you thinking and then it’s up to you to go there try them, have fun, get fit and let me know what you did and how you get on.

Pathways – Jogging, Running, Sprints, Walk-Jog-Sprint intervals.

Park Bench – Triceps dips, Press ups

Trees – Tree sits (90*angled knees), press ups

Steps – Step ups, Jumps, Stair climbs

Grass area – Any exercise you can think of!!

These are just a few ideas for you. You can always have a jog around our lovely town and then finish off with a few of these in the Abbey Gardens and have a refreshment in the café.

I hope this gets you thinking of things to do and I hope you all enjoy your holidays as I will when I go on mine.

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