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At 11:30am on 20th August 2017, we will be holding a Photo Bomb in The Great Churchyard behind the Norman Tower. We will be attended by the Mayor of St Edmundsbury, Terry Clements, hopefully in his robes. We ALSO have an amazing singing sensation, who, for the time being will remain a secret. Will you be there to enjoy the party?

And for the St Edmund Weekender itself in November, just click here and you will transported to the page telling you how you can be a part of this amazing weekend.

I can now also announce that we will have East Anglian singer Sarah Probert coming along to perform for us, and also 1973 Eurovision winner, Anne-Marie David, whose song, Wonderful Dream, is perfect for our enhanced photo bomb.

James Sheen & Anne-Marie David

James Sheen & Anne-Marie David

Yes indeed, Your Town Needs You

We at WLBSE have not remained idle for the past 18 months since it all began.We have been in the Local and Regional Newspapers on many occasions. We have been talked about and been interviewed on the Radio.

At our first anniversary we invited The Brotherhood of Man to perform for us. We are now also planning for this years party, which is going to be amazing, yes, another Night 2 Remember.

But our latest project is the biggest yet

We want the Town to come out of The Athenaeum and celebrate St Edmunds Day, to include ALL of the people of the town. In years past, there has been Cathedral services and dinners at the Athenaeum, latterly incorporating Citizen of the Year. A worthy cause in itself, but has the rest of the town noticed?

Well, to a point yes, when the results of Citizen of The Year have been published in the Bury Free Press, but was the rest of the town involved? Since moving back to Bury St Edmunds in October 2015, I have noticed that St Georges Day is celebrated – on the Angel Hill and close area, but I didn’t notice anything in the rest of the town. I have noticed this for 2 years running now. Look at the town of Brandon. This year, they adorned their High Street with the Flag of St George. This was later replaced by the Suffolk Flag.

Suffolk Day was celebrated for the first time this year

In my opinion this was somewhat rushed through, and covered, obviously a rather large area. It was supported and promoted by the East Anglian Daily Times and Mark Murphy of Radio Suffolk. Various venues were chosen and the radio station held various programmes around the county.

But visually, what was out there? I asked some of the residents of Bury St Edmunds what they saw, and the only flags which were noticed were those flown by Oakes Barn. Bring it on Heather! 🙂

So, it is time we sat up, and get our act together

This year, Lets all get on board with this. We have been planning this since October 2016, and we have a series of events which will be occurng around the town. I am in a few meetings over the next few weeks with more people who wish to be involved.

Just imagine… a grey weekend approaches on November, and then.. on the Friday, around town flags begin to appear… then some more and then more… How awesome would that be and how proud would you be, that OUR town supports this.

What do you say guys? Lots of you work in Retail in town, can we get our bosses sorted? How about on the Industrial Estates? SURELY a flag over a weekend is an easy thing to arrange. The photos would be amazing, and I believe we would attract national coverage in the media.

Bury St Edmunds celebrates their Day, the original Patron Saint of England!

So What Are The Goals?

Increased pride in our town. Informing people about The Cult Of St Edmund, do you have any idea how massive this was back in the Middle Ages? We need to educate the children and a lot of adults who live here that this cult had a massive effect on the prosperity of the town is so many ways. Don’t you think we should recognise this? What Edmund stood for, the symbolism is as important today as it was then. He stood up for what he believed in, so much so, he lost his head. Tell me, do YOU believe we should be honouring him, our special guy?

How To Take Part in November


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