We Love Bury St Edmunds!

The Quirkhouse Theatre Company have organised 5 monologue plays to be performed at 5 locations around the town. I went along on the first day to check them out.

The first was performed by the company directory Andrew Deane, dressed as a suit. Yes I know that sounds very strange, but Andrew had us in the palm of his hand from the very begining. A great start to the line of that was to follow.

Each play is performed at a different location. Great to have different venues, it gets you walking a little, but also gives the opportunity to go visit places you may not have been before.

The final act was performed by Nemonee Stone in the gardens of Cafe Rouge. Nemonee played a Valkyrie, Hildr, organising a dinner party at the end of all time. I can’t tell you more, you have to go along to see what happens!

This will take place again on 16th July 2017 followed by all plays together on 19th July 2017

Check out the Quirkhouse Theatre Group Events right here. https://www.facebook.com/events/1373257022766877/



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