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Summer 6 Pack

You have around 8 weeks until the summer holidays so now is the time to start thinking about the speedo’s and bikini.

To get that body ready for the beach it really is 70% nutrition and 30% exercise.

You can train all the time but if you’re eating too much the muscles will not show through no matter how many sit ups you do.

Step 1, Calories

To obtain 1 pound a week fat loss you need a deficit of 500 calories per day consistently. That’s a deficit of your calorie amount for your daily activity.

You will find a guide to this at the end of this article.

Step 2, Food

Yes you want all the nutrients that you can have through the wholesome foods but you can now fit the foods you like in with this as you know your calorie amounts. So what I am saying is “you can have your cake and eat it” sounds good doesn’t it!

Step 3, Consistency

This is the key. To keep going through all the occasions and events, when you feel low and tired will all add up to seeing the results. And that will be worth it with that selfie on the beach.

If you know you have an occasion don’t panic. Just eat a lighter breakfast, lunch or dinner to accommodate. Or eat say 200 calories less the day before or after to make up for the extra day.

Just don’t worry.

Step 4, Exercise

Exercise will help you achieve your goals faster as it helps burn those calories during and after.

Weight training will help sculpture your body so add this into your routine. And also add in a little cardio to keep your body healthy.

Let’s work out your daily calorie amounts:

88.362 88.362 447.593 447.593
+ 4.799 x your height cm + 4.799 X 178 +3.098 x your height cm + 3.098 x 158
+13.397 x your weight kg + 13.397 X 75 + 9.247 x your weight kg + 9.247 X 60
-5.677 x your age -5.677 X 25 -4.330 x your age -4.330 X 44
= = 1805.434 kcal BMR = = 1301.377 kcal BMR


Then x your personal activity levels:

1.375 = light activity 1 – 3 days per week

1.55 = moderate activity 3 – 5 days per week

1.725 = very active 6 – 7 days per week

1.9 = extremely active twice per day

Example :

1805.434 x 1.55 = 2798 kcal per day.

Then to lose 1 pound per week:

2798 – 500 = 2298 kcal per day

If you stick to your personal amounts you will be on the road to your summer body.

Next month we look deeper into Fats, Carbohydrates and Protein with amounts and what it does for your body.

Need advice? I am here for you on all social platforms just message me.

Go for your goals


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