We Love Bury St Edmunds!

The Great Outdoors!

The sun is starting to break thorough and we are lucky to live in an area of such beauty and open space that it is a crime not to use it for our health.

We are well on our way to our new fitness and health transformation now so let’s take the exercise outside.

There are a few reasons why we go outside to workout.

  • It makes a change to the usual indoors gym.
  • We can enjoy the breeze and sun on us to help make us feel alive and gain the important vitamin D (remember the sun cream though)
  • Enjoy our surroundings
  • It’s free!!

You can work out with a friend or on your own it is entirely up to you.

It’s just great to use any piece of equipment out there. A tree (press up) A park bench (tricep dip) or steps (step ups) so many varieties of things you can do for a full body workout.

You have found a space, now what do you do?

Let me give you a quick 30 minute exercise routine for you to start with that doesn’t need any equipment:

Warm up – 5 min walk


Re-warm – 3-5 min walk

Circuit 1,

1.30 minutes with a 15 second rest in-between:

Press ups


Mountain Climbers

Bicep curls (either with a dumbbell or 2 water bottles)

Circuit 2,

1.30 minutes with a 15 second rest in-between:

Run 10m and do 10 x squats

Run 10m and do 10 x high knees each leg

Run 10m and do 10 x star jumps

Rum 10m and do 10 x punches each arm

Circuit 3,

1 minute each exercise no rest:

Sit ups

Russian twist

V sit

Squat thrusts

 Cool Down and Stretch – 5 min

This is a simple plan you can do in the garden, in the park, anywhere.

It does not matter how many you do, how fast you go. The important thing is to keep moving and keep going. A little each day will soon show in your personal progress.

If you don’t recognise any of the exercises please either message me or look them up online.

I would also love to hear your feedback on these articles. Please comment or message me. It would be lovely to hear that you are doing my suggestions and to hear about how it is helping to a healthier you.

Next month as the beach is getting nearer for your summer holiday I will give you simple, easy to follow advice on how to gain the 6 pack!

Have a great May and please contact me for any help


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