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Weight Scales!

It’s the FORTH month of your healthy New Year’s resolution. WELL DONE!

You’re eating well, exercising and enjoying it but when you stand on those dreaded scales it stays the same or you have put on weight! You panic and think is it worth it!

So everything is good with your routine and it’s consistent. What else could it be? Yes a little muscle gain maybe but muscle building is a longer process. Or could it be little things in your lifestyle?

Lack of sleep is a big factor in you holding water. An increase in Ghrelin (your hunger hormone) is stimulated more which makes you hungrier and this decreases Leptin (our fuller feeling hormone) which as you can see is a recipe for a little snack here and there and more likely a higher calorie one. But we need both hormones to function.

Lack Of Sleep

Lack of sleep will also raise our stress levels. Stress can be good for you. It keeps you sharp, focussed and determined to reach your goals. But mostly stress affects us negatively which will affect our lives in different ways. Stress comes from lots of places. Family, work, exercise etc. Poor mood, poor sleep, poor energy etc. will all affect our ability to release water which will show on the scales. And don’t forget ladies your fluctuations in the monthly cycle and water retention!

Plus over training will make your body stressed in a variety of ways and will not help recovery. It will have an impact on your hormones, recovery, repair and our moods. That’s why rest days are important. It’s our bodies chance to recover and grow for our next gym session and also gives us time to calm ourselves and enjoy our lives in a relaxed non rushed time.

So the take home message is to relax and not worry. If you are consistent it will show in the ways you want it to.

Quality Family Time

Try and get regular 6-8 hours uninterrupted sleep. Go to bed the same time, put your phone away and cut down on the caffeine 6 hours before bed are just a few. Relax, have a nice warm bath, listen to some music or have some quality family time without any distraction. And most of all don’t worry about what your scales say. If you have to weigh do it the same time each day over 3 days and take the average. Keep consistent and you will see the scales and measurements shrink.

Next month as the weather is getting warmer and the nights are getting lighter we will be looking at outdoor fitness and how you can use our amazing surroundings.


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