We Love Bury St Edmunds!

So as you know, I have been at Ashlar House this evening at their “Thank You Event” for the fund raisers for the last 12 months. Its about the same length of time since they changed their name and made it a much bigger focus with the name My WiSH Charity for the West Suffolk Hospital.

A few people got up to speak, such as the two guys from Thetford who told us of their fund raising, and a lady called Darlene Ablitt, who raised money after she had contracted breast cancer. Darlene, is pretty amazing, she did a sky dive, which she HAD been planning to do prior to contracting cancer. She told us of her good days and her bad days while she was having treatment, and how she had been cared for by the Macmillan nurses, and how much a difference it made to her treatment to have a china mug of tea after her treatment.. Something as simple as that, helped spur her on, to raise money by doing a Sky Dive. She wanted to make sure that the Macmillan area had enough mugs for other people receiving treatment, and her goal was £50.

She ACTUALLY raised £2,500 – that’s a lot of mugs

There was also a chap called Andreas Wales, who motorcycled to Lithuania within 24 hours. He spoke of his adventures, inspired by his niece who had had some serious heart problems. He wanted to raise money for the Hospital that looked after her and assisted her recovery.
We also learnt about the Centimag machine. I’m not sure about the spelling of that, but this is an amazing piece of equipment that has been bought by the My WiSH charity for the hospital to assist in the treatment of cancer. The Nodes Campaign raised this money and the piece of equipment was installed at the hospital just last friday.

The Memory Walk was also mentioned a few times

Dave Gooderham had tracked down many wonderful photos from the past, and now adorn a long corridor in the Hospital. This is a great walk down memory lane and is there to assist dementia patients. A number of the photos there were discovered because of “We Love Bury St Edmunds!”, This is when the group first started to take shape, and because of your generosity with your photos has helped the corridor look amazing.

Sue Smith and Sally Daniels have been the amazing driving force behind this charity, and they have spurred me on. I think we have reflected enthusiasm, because in one of my more crazy times, I have agreed to abseil down the ArcelorMittal Orbit. I must be nuts! It is 262ft high, and, for someone who does not like heights, is pretty daunting. I will be doing this on 10th June, and I want to raise a lot of money for the My WiSH Charity.  We ALL might need the hospital one day, if not for ourselves, but also for our loved ones.

Thank You From My Wish Charity

I hope you can help me out guys… Together WE make the difference.