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Hello again,

I hope you are enjoying your new food and fitness lifestyle. And enjoyed the Sweet Potato Brownies! I would love to see your photos and hear any feedback on how you are getting on.

We are now going to look at simple ways to reduce the calories you eat but still enjoy your food and therefore start losing the tummy.

A rough guide to lose 1 pound of fat you need a calorie deficit of around 500 calories a day for 7 days consistently. This can easily be achieved by food swapping.

Food swapping sounds difficult to do as it looks like you have to spend ages thinking about it. But really its being a little bit more aware.

At this stage we are just looking at calories as I mentioned last time.

Start by reading labels. This will tell you how many calories are in each item of food and drink you consume. A great start!

I will give you a small table of swaps for you to start using straight away.

(Left higher calorie – Right lower calorie)

Quick cook rice – Normal cook rice

Frozen chips – Make your own

Cooking oil – 1 tsp olive oil

Frozen chicken in bread crumbs – Frozen chicken piece then add spices

Ice cream – Frozen yoghurt

Pizza – Homemade (recipe at the bottom)

White Chocolate – Dark Chocolate

Jelly pot – 10 cal jelly pots

Cereal – Porridge oats

2 Slices Bread sandwich – Sandwich Thins

2 slices of Toast – Thin bagel

Yoghurt – Greek yoghurt 0%

These are just a few of the easy ones that you can do

Think when you’re shopping next and look at the food label. It will tell you a lot and it will also probably shock you knowing how many calories are in the food and drinks that you have every day. Educating yourself with this and being mindful of them will give you a huge boost in losing the pounds and also save you pounds at the checkout!

Add spices to what you may think boring food. I add them to most my meals and they really change the flavour of every meal. They are also cheap and last ages.

Next month we will delve into stress and how that effects our body!

Recipe of the month – Carl’s Healthy Homemade Pizza – this is my topping of choice but as always experiment and find what you enjoy!! (Calories will change with the different toppings)

315 calories per pizza

1 x Wrap – (Warburtons)

1 x Red Pepper

100g Mushrooms

100g Courgette

½ Small tin Sweetcorn

1 x Laughing Cow Low fat Cheese Triangle

1 x Chicken Breast

2 Tbsps. Tomato Puree


Roast vegetables for 20 mins in oven and cook chicken.

Spread Tomato puree and sweetcorn on the wrap. Break up the cheese triangle on the top. Get the roasted veg and chop the chicken piece and cover the wrap. Add your spices and oven cook for 5 mins.

Cut up and enjoy with a side salad!


See Carls dedicated page on We Love Bury St Edmunds! by clicking this link


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