We Love Bury St Edmunds!

It was suggested to me last year that a documentary should be made about how and why I created “We Love Bury St Edmunds!”

The person who asked me was a guy called Kevan Collins of Punch Films UK. Now, I have known Kevan for virtually all of my life. Kevan, his brothers and parents were frequent visitors to my Mums shop in Springfield Road. We went to the same schools, and this was even captured on film by my Dad.

My Dad thought it would be hugely funny to capture me on film coming out of my first school, Victoria Street Infants. I was there in a blue anorak, hood up, and the drawstrings pulled tightly around as if some sort of hurricane was coming. That video is so important though, because to my right, stood Kevan Collins, looking somewhat bemused.

Little did we know then, that 45 years later we would reconnect with a Facebook Book Group.

We learnt a lot about how our various interests had moulded us into the people we are today. Kevan with his interest and love of filming and me with my wacky ideas and obsession with Eurovision.

Kevan told me about his film company, Punch Films UK. He told me about his son Robert, who had carried on Kevans interest in filming, and how together, they had formed their company.

Their website, and films are a testament to their love of movie making, displaying stunning quality and pure professionalism. So, Kevan suggested making this film, my ego flattered, I had to say yes, and, after much editing I am sure, the result is what we can show you today.

Thank you so very much, my great friends… Kevan, and Robert.

Also to the wonderful people at Moyses Hall, who gave their kind permission for the interview to be conducted there. Thank you Lance Alexander, Alex McWhirter, Laura Parker and also to William McColl of Roffs Caterers and Ashlar House.

And thank you too, to all my great new friends who have taken part. John Goldsmith, Terry Chittock, Anna Frankum, Dot Horsman, Greg Aspland, Jacky Ives, Michelle Richards, Jane Abbott, Lynn & Eric, Jason “Macaruba” Smith, Carl Whitehouse, Patrick Chung, John Hughes, Brian Gobey, Russell Cook, Sue Smith of My WiSH Charity for The West Suffolk Hospital, Nigel Dickinson, Gary Lee, Catherine Thornton Osborne, Teri Stocks, Ming Wong Tang, Alison Larke of Cecil and Larter.