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Well done starting the new you

Last time we looked at how to get started with a simple shift in 3 areas and a home circuit you can do to get you moving. Food for thought?

This month we look at CALORIES. Every food and drink has them so what are they?

What is a Calorie

What is a CALORIE? It’s that little person who sews your clothes that bit tighter at night when you’re asleep!! No seriously a calorie in simple terms is “the amount of energy” in each item of food/drink we consume. And all these calories add up throughout the day.

To lose weight we need to have less calories each day than we need (deficit). And to add weight/muscle we need to have more each day (surplus).

It doesn’t need to be much to change either way only around 100 calories a day. Drastic action of only eating 1000 calories on a really restrictive diet will work, but is so unsustainable because of the way you will probably feel health wise (not to mention how hungry you will be) making this not the long term answer.

Just like looking at the movie character Wolverine and taking on Hugh Jackman’s calorie diet to build muscle of 5000 calories per day. For the large majority of us that will be way too many and just add unwanted fat.

The best way to start is to look whether you are staying the same weight each week. If you are you are maintaining the amount of calories you need (maintenance). Then adding or reducing the calories will lend itself to your goals.

Just cutting out that extra packet of crisps, changing to a lower calorie chocolate bar or using 1cal spray instead of oil is a great way of reducing you calorie intake. Or adding an extra potato, a few nuts or an extra portion of meat will add in the calories.

Tracking Apps

Tracking apps are great like MY FITNESS PAL or MY PLATE or any calorie counter really helps in working food amounts without you thinking about it.

These are a few bite sized tips to get you thinking about what is in your food and the amounts to change your body.

I will go further next month into weight loss. This will include food swap ideas, simple tips to make easy changes PLUS my recipe for a healthy pizza!

If you have any questions or want to go further please comment on here or any of my social media sites:


Now enjoy my Healthy Sweet Potato Brownies as shown in my picture:

Makes 12 brownies: 154 Calories per brownie

500g sweet potato (peel, dice, microwave until soft)

12 dates (blend with the sweet potato)

6 tbsp. Maple Syrup

150g fine porridge oats

50g chopped almonds

6 tbsp. Cadburys Options light drinking chocolate – mix everything together

2 tbsp. Coconut Oil (or melted butter but calories will alter slightly)

Bake for 20 – 25 minutes until a knife comes out clean.

Cool, Cut and Enjoy!


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