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JANUARY: Getting Started.

First of all Happy Christmas and New Year.

Now it’s the New Year and you’re sitting here reading this thinking “2017 is the year I get that bit fitter and healthier” plus it’s only 6 months until your summer beach holiday!

QUESTIONS! Where do I start? Do I take this wonder tablet? Drink mountains of protein shakes? Will that new diet on Facebook be the answer?

There are lots of questions and wasted money to be had out there. In these articles I will give you honest, simple ideas and answers, plus save you money along the way!

In my first article I will give you 3 of the easiest tips you can start with. Whatever goals you have for the year. Marathon, Charity event, Getting fitter to play with the kids, getting that beach body etc.

1.       MOTIVATION. What is it? It must be something personal, important to YOU. Not someone else’s goal but yours. This way it will be your drive and goal. WRITE it down keep it with you. This way you’re accountable to achieving it.

2.       MOVE MORE. This may sound simple but we are in an environment in which it helps us not to. General lifestyle, Cars, Computers, Day jobs the list can go on. If you like the look of the new trackers use them. Fitbit, Jawbone etc. that you wear on your wrist or the apps you can use on your mobile phone. They are a simple but effective way in helping you move more or reach that magical goal of 10000 steps per day. Which equates to 2000-3000 extra calories burnt or 1 pound in weight each week!

3.       KEEP HYDRATED. Drink at least 2 litres of water per day. Your body is a machine. The best machine ever built and like all machines they need lubricating. You may not be hungry for that left over Quality Street, you may be a bit dehydrated. It also helps with weight control, skin health and brain function. Try sipping throughout the day to keep you topped up.



·         5 x Rounds – 15 x Repetitions

·         High knees – each leg

·         Body weight squats

·         Push-ups – any variation- Normal, knees down, against a wall

·         Sit ups

·         Punching upwards & forwards – each arm


Next month we will be looking at food. If there is anything you would like me to cover in these articles or questions please leave a comment or contact me and I will endeavour to include them.

It is going to be a great journey together. Carl

A bit about me:

My name is Carl Parnell and I have a background of yoyo dieting and weight loss. I am a qualified Nutrition Coach. Fitness, Spin, Circuits, Boxercise & Kids Boxercise Instructor. I am supported by the brands: MaxiNutrition, MaxiMuscle, Feel Free Nutrition & BodyPower UK. You can find my story on the MuscleFood website on their Transformation page.

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