We Love Bury St Edmunds!

Wlbse Christmas poem

I am a Christmas fairy
And I’m waiting here you see
For some kind soul to buy me
And stick me on their tree.
The job don’t really pay well
And it doesn’t last that long
But you gets what you are given
When your bums made in Hong Kong.

You put us up each Christmas
On some very pointed trees
You put tinsel round our earholes
And hang glass balls on our knees.
You put lights round that flick on and off
And we can’t get any rest
You might like those scented candles
But the smoke gets to my chest.
And when Christmas time is looming
And you think of this and that
Get your tree and cut the top off
Cause us fairies like them flat.
I’m just asking something simple
Just forget about the rest
How would you like to spend Christmas
With a tree stuck up your vest.