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Interested in Photography | Nick Betson | Bury St Edmunds

I’ve always been interested in photography, it really started in 1974 when my father let me borrow a Kodak camera to take on the St. James School field trip to Lavenham. (I remember being on that trip too James Sheen)

The Swan Hotel Lavenham

The camera was extremely basic and with my scant knowledge of the medium only one picture was recoverable from the entire film, however that one image is etched into my mind as the first successful picture I have taken. The image was of my form teacher Mr. Whitely of class 2W giving a talk to his pupils in front of The Swan Hotel one of the most prominent and iconic buildings in the entire county. Whenever I visit Lavenham it’s the first thought that comes into my mind.

Pentax Program

Interested In Photography | Nick Betson | Bury St Edmunds

Nick Betson – Abbey Gardens

It wasn’t until 1985 that I acquired my first proper camera, a Pentax Program A 35mm complete with a nifty fifty (50mm prime lens), in terms of image quality it was a quantum leap over 110 cartridge film. I used the camera for many years capturing some wonderful pictures with it.

When James Sheen founded WLBSE and people began posting photos of the town I knew instinctively that I would have to endeavour to produce a series of standout images of the town where possible. I wanted to show the townsfolk and people who have an association with the town it’s underlying beauty, when in a fleeting moment in time it can look outstanding.

Interested In Photography | Nick Betson | Bury St Edmunds

Nick Betson – Cathedral

That is basically the driving force that compels me to go the extra mile to capture a special image whether it be in the early hours of the morning, late at night or in the freezing cold.

Nick BetsonĀ©

(Note from Administrator – I am very proud to know Nick and to have grown up with him… My friend makes me proud every day)

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